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2014 Console Brochure

2014 Brochure for Console Furniture

Sit-to-Stand Options

Ergonomic electric height adjustability offers maximum flexibility when it comes to suiting individual needs in highly specialized, technical workstations.

Flat Panel Monitoring

Multiple arm mount solutions to meet your specifications for screen density and workstation integration.

  • Multi-monitor configurations
  • Surface & slatwall mounting
  • Oversized display integration
  • Mount 5 monitors in single row
  • Mount 10 monitors on single arm

Control Room Consoles

  • iTrac™
  • Benchmark™
  • Contour™
  • Metrics™
Process Control and Security Console Blue Console Desk Slatwall Command Control Room Octagon Monitoring Room Furniture Consoles

Heavy-Duty Modular 12" Deep Frame System for Process Control Rooms and Security Stations.

Ideal for open desktop configurations and up to 2 tiers of monitor mounting, iTrac is our ‘workhorse’ line for industrial process control rooms and security monitoring operations. Its 12” modular frame can store hardware within its frame footprint while providing exceptional knee clearance for operators. iTrac can be designed as single and doublesided configurations, along with a range of angled and full corner layout options to fit control room and security suites. Control room consoles & operations center furniture, built for 24x7 facilites with mission-critical command & control operations requiring ergonomic operator stations.

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Benchmark Process Control Console with Corian Work Surface Benchmark Sit-Stand Console with 5 Monitor single row monitor arm Benchmark Air Traffic Control Console with Monitor Turretts Raised Floor Control Room Console Layout

Hi-Capacity Frame System for Technology-Intensive Industrial Applications

The Benchmark control room console is our most flexible line for options ranging from open desktop to up to 3 tiers of monitor mounting based on a 20” deep frame structure that accommodates the most range in equipment and operators. Benchmark console furniture offers adjustable monitor tracks for flat panel displays with easy monitor placement. Benchmark components include rollouts, fixed shelving and rack-mount rails with integrated cable managers and raceways. Suitable for single-sided layouts as straight or angled runs found in showcase control rooms where aestetics is a key factor in design. Industrial furniture found in process control facilities, power plant control rooms, chemical plant control rooms, & central operation centers needs to stand up to the harsh environments. Benchmark stands up to these 24x7, multi-shift environments with its durable, welded steel construction & protective work surface edging.

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Contour Console Furniture Contour Console Back-to-Back Furniture Configuration Contour Convex Console Furniture Layout Contour Command Center Operations Furniture

Modular 6” Deep Frame System for Flexible Space Planning

The 6” frame provides exceptional strength and cable management, but is ideal for command & control room furniture or dispatch center environments that require space-efficient workstations or "team" workstations. Contour is commonly specified for applications that require sit-stand height adjustment of worksurfaces to meet ergonomic compliance or to maximize operator comfort. Contour is ideal for a broad range of technology intensive applications found in military command stations and emergency management operation centers. Dispatch center furniture is most commonly found in 911 or emergency dispatch facilities that require multi-shift, 24x7 operations. Ergonomics and comfort are of upmost priority in these mission-critical dispatch centers. Durable, heavy-duty operations center furniture is the foundation of sustaining these critical 24x7 facilities.

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Metrics Sit-Stand Workstation Metrics Operations Center Furniture Metrics Height Adjustable Workstation Furniture Metrics Control Room Consoles

20" Deep Open Structure System for Hi-Density Operation Center Applications

Metrics is our newest console line featuring open desk construction with optional fixed or height-adjustable surfaces. Monitors can mount directly to the desktop or attach to an optional slatwall making this a perfect substitute for traditional office furniture at call centers & other traditional office furniture environments. Metrics workstation furniture can be designed in straight or angled runs, along with back-to-back configurations. Metrics is another great console furniture design for utilizing ergonomic sit-stand desk height adjustment, while providing a large steel base for protecting critical equipment, managing cable bundles, and housing enough power to run each workstation. Security operations, central security monitoring facilities, call center stations, & other command & control room buildings utilize the flexibility Metrics brings to the table.

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