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2014 Console Brochure

2014 Console Brochure

Control Room Displays

Enclose your video wall displays in matching casework with plenty of storage for equipment, cabling, power, & proper equipment ventilation.

Video Wall Technology

Easily manipulate your control room displays.

  • Quickly re-size application windows
  • Save custom views for specific shifts
  • Forced video to other monitors
  • Display multiple video inputs
  • One large canvas or many smaller windows

Control Room Video Walls

Turn Your Room into A ShowPlace

Whether you’re moving into a new building or renovating an existing space, the furniture layout is a bit of a challenge.  How much space do you need?  Do you have enough storage/ventilation for PC’s, cabling, power, not to mention proper spacing for each operator to work comfortably?  What size monitors can you use?  Will your aisle ways be to code?  Let us help you at the beginning stages of your project. 

Custom designs to fit your technology, room architecture and display configuration.  Wide array of material finishes/colors complimenting your room to give visitors a lasting first impression.  Create a showroom-quality control room environment.

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Display various applications from multiple input sources on a single large canvas video wall. Video display manipulation & switching technology allows you to easily resize your images.  Use each large screenmonitor to display its own content or scale images across the entire video wall.  With a few keystrokes, operators can bring large screen content to their monitor or change the display of any monitor throughout the control room. Control room displays include LED, LCD, and DLP screens. Ultra-thin bezels for seamless control room video wall.

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Storage of PC's, equipment, cabling, & power supplies can sometimes be overlooked. A nice feature to a control room display with video wall casework & cabinetry is plenty of storage that is readily accessible. Keep your operations center clean & organized by storing equipment out of the way, with the added convenience of readily accessing your equipment when needed. Countertop includes rollout keyboard/mice garage and cabinetry below equipped with integrated power, shelving & fans for proper equipment ventilation.

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Midwest Computer Accessories (MCA) has been in business for over 30 years and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We work with clients across the U.S. to design & install technical furniture solutions with integrated technology. Other services we provide include technical products for Data Centers & Ergonomic Solutions for Office Environments. To learn more, visit our Data Center Website & Office Ergonomics Website.

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